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The following sequences were designed as a window into the bigger movie Inspire, a documentary film about one individual’s amazing story about overcoming a life changing amputation and succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. For a complete description of the film please go to “About Inspire” and read “The Project”.



The Porsche 911 turbo is one mean beast of a machine. The engine puts out 415 horse power and can accelerate from zero to sixty in about four seconds. Did Mark mention it’s a manual transmission car and not an automatic? Many people believe that driving a stick shift with a prosthetic leg is nearly impossible, let alone a high performance Porsche. See if you can keep up as Mark drives circles around these amputation myths.


This is one of Mark’s favorite sports and one that he missed desperately when his ankle started deteriorating. He was very optimistic as he returned to snowboarding after the loss of his leg, but was quickly disappointed when he realized it might not be possible. Prosthetic ankles are great for walking but they aren’t made for snowboarding. Watch how Mark’s determination allowed him to overcome the hurdles associated with snowboarding with a prosthetic. He's actually better now than before he lost his leg and still learning.






Skydiving is a bizarre and wonderful sport. Many people ask Mark if he still gets a rush out of jumping, and he says no. What makes skydiving fun for him is what he does and who he does it with. “You are as free as life can be during that precious minute of freefall” he says. During this segment Mark takes you on a few skydives, so come along for the ride of your life.


Who in the world would combine a wakeboard with a guillotine, install a seat on top and call it a sport? Well somebody did and it’s called hydro foiling, or as Mark like to call it, Sky Skiing. This crazy devise cuts through the water like a knife as it gently suspends the rider on top. Balance is key to a successful ride and the slightest misstep will cost you dearly. Despite Mark’s amputation he was determined to continue riding. Watch Mark not only overcome his physical challenges but perform some stunning aerials while riding the ski. 


Scuba diving is unlike any sport. It’s as if entering an alien world. Nothing below the surface resembles anything that lives above. This segment takes you on a dive off the shores of Kauai, Hawaii with Mark and his wife Nancy. Watch as Mark swims among the diverse marine life with his prosthetic swim ankle and experience a world of wonder exploring the ocean depths.

OK, there’s nothing extreme about the sport of golf, but there’s still a lot of skill required to make that little ball into that little hole in the least amount of strokes. It’s a game of precision and accuracy. Most people would agree that a good word to use for golf is frustrating. One day you’re ready for the tour and the next you’re crying after the 18th hole. Golf is a great social game and Mark was determined to play on after losing his leg. This segment features Mark’s local golf course and is full of wonderful camera shots and angles. Watch and play along as Mark goes for the green jacket, or not.






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