Aerial Extreme, the producer of Inspire is making available sponsorship contributions for the movie Inspire. We’ve just made available six prominent sponsor links on the Inspire web page. These links will highlight your company and or product on the website as well as in the credits of the movie.

With over 80 percent of the film already done, we expect to be near completion in the next 60 days and plan to market the film throughout the industry.  


Amputees are very current in the world market right now and the interest is rapidly growing every day. From appearing on Dancing with the Stars to winning a gold medal at the Sochi Olympics, to veterans returning home from the war, amputees have become a magnet for media exposure.


Combining the excitement of extreme sports with the compelling story of an amputee looking to overcome his physical challenges is definitely a major human interest story that’s ripe for the picking. This film has the right combination of elements and drama to go viral in today’s market.


Note that there is still time for strategic product placement, but time is limited as the final sequence is scheduled for filming. General sponsorship opportunities will continue through the film’s release.


Please contact to discuss any possible sponsorship ideas.


Mark Lichtle



Emmy Award Winner