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Mark Lichtle

Mark Lichtle is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer and extreme sports professional. For nearly 20 years Mark has traveled the world seeking extreme locations to skydive and BASE jump from. Mark holds many world record titles including the world’s largest skydiving formation at 246 jumpers, the world’s largest mass jump in Malaysia, the first and only Jet Ski skydive plus countless other records and stunts. At first filming was just a passion of Mark’s but quickly became his new career. He also holds many filming awards such as an Emmy he won in 2002 for his work on Evening Magazine and more recently an NCME Award for the work he’s doing on his current project Inspire.

Iwan Van Der Schoor

Iwan van der Schoor is a skydiving photography and video specialist. He has completed over 4000 jumps, most of them with multiple cameras. His resume includes worldwide publications in sports magazines, multiple state records: Texas, Georgia, and 2 California State Records, the largest to date being a 64 person skydive. Iwan lives in the San Francisco bay area with his wife and daughter and travels the world pursuing the next amazing shot.


Justin Rypma

Justin Rypma is an aspiring youth media artist who has had a passion for film production since he was twelve years old. Now eighteen, Justin is on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a professional action sports cinematographer receiving both regional and national film awards through his cinematography and editing skills.  He is an active leadership member of the Youth Broadcast and Media Association, the only pre proffesional youth guild organization in the United States. Now recently graduated from highschool, he will begin studying to earn a BFA degree in Film Production at Chapman University this fall.



Michael Carlson
Michael Carlson CPO
Mark's Prosthetic Doctor

Michael grew up in Western Colorado where his parents taught him to love the outdoors with their constant on-the-go camping trips, overseas travel and natural history education. He has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with emphasis in Biomechanics. With a Prosthetic certificate from California State University, Prosthetic residency in NYC, Orthotic certificate from the University of Connecticut and orthotic residency in Northern California, Michael is known to provide state-of-art prosthetic and orthotic healthcare that is custom-tailored to individual’s needs and expectations. He is the owner and CPO at Elevation Prosthetics and Orthotics, based in Roseville, CA.

James Jacobson

"James Jacobson is a California Student Media Festival award winner, professional cinematographer, and film editor. His background includes wedding, musical, and theatrical documentation as well as downhill mountain biking films. Among the many areas of cinematography James specializes in rigging shots based off the Glidecam platform to capture those unique motion shots and post production color correction and grading. He got his start in film production at age 10 working with the Rattler Pit Productions crew documenting performances at area schools. After completing courses there, he continued on his own into freelance productions then adding specialized photography including maternity and senior portraits to his resume. However, James’s real passion in life lies at the airport in the field of aviation. Finally old enough, at the age of 16, he completed his first solo flight and is currently pursuing a professional pilot career. "


Weston Walker

Weston is a filmmaker and photographer who owns and operates

a RED Epic and Canon SD Mark Ill. He sees everything through the lens- a fact his wife can attest to given the countless times he’s pulled wildly off the road to get a shot. He does not just want to be behind the camera, he has to be behind the camera.  It 's his way of seeing the world and sharing life experiences. Working with great people and crafting stories into an emotional, visual experience is what keeps him going. It's what fuels his soul and makes all the hours away from home, in the field and in front of the computer worth it.

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